Man Trolls His Entire Office With Clever Ugly Christmas Sweater

A man and his girlfriend made an impromptu DIY ugly Christmas sweater that perfectly and hilariously combines cleverness, rudeness, and holiday cheer.

Tis the season for ugly Christmas sweater parties galore! Although such events are highly overrated, we must applaud one man for taking the concept of “ugly” sweaters to new heights.

Reddit user sojaminc was in search of something to wear for his office’s holiday party when he and his girlfriend decided to create what has to be the cleverest homemade Christmas sweater of all time, or at the very least, of this year.

The couple created the body of an elf out of what appears to be felt and attached it to a plain gray sweater. What’s so special about this, you ask?

Well, instead of creating a face for the fictional character, they used a mirror, therefore, when people are facing sojaminc, they are greeted by their own reflections.

Behold the pure genius that breathes new meaning into the ugly Christmas sweater theme!

Last minute ugly Christmas sweater creation for office party!

Of course, Reddit had a field day creating corny puns involving the words “self” and “elf,” and pointing out the age-old superstition about mirrors stealing people’s souls.

Commenter MainSailFreedom asked, "How did you get such a clean hole through your body?" While Pat_Ron wrote, "Does this mean I have no soul??? I looked into the mirror and I don't see a reflection!!"

But what may top the list as the "punniest" response of all goes to SoHoSwag who asked, "Do you know who is the most special elf of all? The self!"

It’s unclear if there was a contest at sojaminc’s office for the best sweater, but if there was, he probably won it. 

Banner Photo Credit: Reddit, sojaminc

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