Man Vandalizes His Own Range Rover And Dumps It Outside Dealership

An angry Range Rover owner had enough with his vehicle that kept giving him problems so he staged a one-man protest by vandalizing his own car.

Someone is extremely upset with Range Rover.

A man vandalized his own luxury vehicle and then dumped it outside of the dealership where he purchased it after warning lights instructing him not to drive the car started to appear, Metro reports. 

Dev Bath, the vehicle owner, is now embroiled in a battle with Range Rover, which has denied that the car is defective.

Bath, 30, spray-painted “Don’t trust Range Rover” and “Range Rover cheats & lies” all over his Range Rover Sport G4 FFA.

On the inside, the Indian diplomat taped signs on the windows that read, “Be careful don’t buy from Range Rover. I got Ripped Off. They Sold Me This Junk,” and “Car not fit for purpose. Range Rover don’t [sic] care.”

According to Range Rover, they’ve asked Bath repeatedly to remove his vehicle from the dealership as it is “damaging their brand” (which seems to be the intention). However, he won’t budge. He even vowed to set the car on fire, right there at the dealership, unless the company fixes it.

“The dashboard of this car is like a Christmas tree with all the lights and I want other people to know what a terrible car it is before they buy it," Bath reportedly said. “I’ve only had it for 10 months and we’ve had nothing but problems.”

He said the first warning light came on after only a little more than a month of owning the vehicle.

“We had had it for six weeks when the yellow light first came on saying I had to drive the car for 30 minutes at 50 mph. No-one told me this when I bought the car. Where can you do that in London?”

Bath said he’s giving the company just a few weeks to fix the car or he’s planning to invite a camera crew to film him burning it in front of the dealership.

“There is no glitch with the vehicle. We have data to show that the dashboard has never been ‘lit up like a Christmas tree,’” a Range Rover representative reportedly told Metro.

The spokesperson continued to defend the company:

“We have evidence that Mr. Bath received a full explanation at handover about how modern diesels use a DPF filter which needs an extra urban cycle to clear and is a feature on all modern diesels regardless of manufacturer. He confirmed that he understood this at handover.”

One thing's for sure, somewhere along the line there was some miscommunication between Range Rover and Bath, and he's done playing nice. 

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Alex Domanski

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