Man Who Served 17 Years For Manslaughter Saves Family in Car Crash

In Spokane, Washington a baby and his parents were pulled to safety by an an ex-convict after a horrific car crash left them trapped inside a van.

Whether or not you believe in luck, there is something to be said for being in the right place at the right time, and for one family thankfully this unlikely hero was there to help them in their time of need.

On July 17,  Josh Tangehahi was on his way home from work in Spokane, Washington when a car that was driving erratically swerved right in front of him. He told his girlfriend, who was driving at the time, to follow that car, and a couple of blocks later the couple heard a crash

That very same driver who had cut them off was going “50 to 60 miles per hour” according to a witness before hitting a van that had two parents and their baby inside.

Tangehahi could hear a baby crying after the collision, and felt compelled to help the injured people in the car. Despite this calling, he also knew he had to get home soon so he wouldn't miss his probation's curfew.  Tangehahi was in prison for the last 17 years for manslaughter and is currently on work release. 

"I looked at the clock and was like man, I need to get back because if I'm not back, I'm going back to prison," Tangehahi told KHQ

But Tangehahi didn't hurry home like he was supposed to, and instead put his freedom on the line to save a family he didn’t even know.   

When he got to the family’s van he could see that the mom was pinned, and the dad was going in and out of consciousness.  The baby was no longer in his car seat and was just hanging. “The baby was out of the harness, on one side with the strap around his neck.” Tangehahi said. 

He was able to cut the baby free within minutes and gave the child to a security guard nearby, and then went back to free the parents. Everyone that witnessed his heroic efforts has deemed him as a hero, yet the ex-con does not want any credit. “I just reacted,” he told reporters.  

According to KHQ, a relative reported that the baby has a cut to his liver and a broken rib, but he’s expected to be okay.  Tangehahi's bravery and selflessness helped this family at a crucial time. This story proves that no matter a person's history, compassion can come from the unlikeliest sources. 

Banner/thumbnail image credit: Flickr user Steve Lyon

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