Man’s Attempt To Film Demolition Fails Miserably

An unpredictable obstacle hilariously thwarted a man's attempt to capture the epic moment an apartment building crumbled to dust in Glasgow, Scotland.

Someone tried to film the demolition of an apartment building in Glasgow, Scotland but was foiled by an unexpected photobomb.

His camera positioning was perfect, obtaining a clear and crisp view of the structure that was about to crumble to pieces.

Other bystanders flocked to get a closer look, but were subjected to a view obscured by a metal fence.

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The only problem was, at the very moment that the building began to fall, a giant public bus came rolling down the street and came to a halt right in front of the onlooker’s camera, completely blocking the explosion that lasted only a few seconds.

It appears as though the bus driver was in awe of what he was witnessing which is what prompted his abrupt stop because his and all of the passengers’ gazes were directed toward the demolition site.

Hilariously, the bus went back into motion immediately after it was all said and done, allowing the person filming to only catch the massive cloud of smoke and debris that began to hover over the neighborhood as a result of the explosion.

While the man didn’t capture the epic moment he intended to, he still shared his failed attempt on YouTube, giving viewers one heck of a good laugh. 

Banner Photo Credit: Reuters

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