Man’s Backyard Was Devoured By A Gigantic Sinkhole

A British man and his family are lucky to be safe and sound after an enormous sinkhole took hold of their entire backyard and garden on Wednesday.

Sinkholes are terrifying natural disasters that seem to be occurring more frequently lately.

While quite often we see public city streets getting swallowed into the holes, one United Kingdom man’s garden became engulfed by one this week.

Ben Bramley of Ripon, UK took to Twitter on Wednesday to share the shocking phenomenon he was witnessing with his followers, but most initially thought he was kidding.

Bramley then shared a photo of his garden as proof of the monstrous hole that forced his family out of the house for the night.

He clearly had a sense of humor about the whole ordeal because he sarcastically captioned the image, “When gardening goes wrong.”

People responded with shock and inquired about the state of Bramley’s home. He assured his followers that he and his family were okay, but he described the debacle as an “unconventional day.”

The powers that be were definitely with Bramley’s family because that sinkhole was just inches away from consuming their home. 

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