#ManyPeopleAreSaying: Twitter Turns The Tables On Trump's Absurd Claim

Twitter hilariously mocked the vague phrase Trump loves to use on a regular basis to stir up controversy and excuse the ludicrous ideas he advocates.

donald trump

Donald Trump has often defended his ridiculous, illogical statements with the support of the “many people” who agree with him, but has faced little challenge from the media or journalists on the identities of these individuals.

Trump had previously stated “many” of his Muslim friends supported his unconstitutional ban on Muslims entering the U.S., and that “many people” had lauded him for being the only candidate able to defeat Hillary Clinton.

However, after Trump recently used these unnamed “many people” to inadvertently blame Clinton for the execution of an Iranian scientist, Twitter decided to turn the tables on him.

Through the hashtag #ManyPeopleAreSaying, users directed hilarious, outlandish accusations at Trump, ranging from the size of his hands to the origin of his hair. Users also pointed out the sheer number of times Trump has tweeted out the “many people" excuse, separate from numerous mentions of it in the media.

Thin-skinned as he is, Trump will likely not appreciate the variety of vague insults.

It seems fitting that Trump receive a taste of his own medicine.

Banner Image Credit: Twitter, @Politico/Reuters

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