Vengeful Martial Artist Swallows Taekwondo Champion Wife's Gold Medal

The move could have killed the petty husband, who sought revenge on his wife.

A fight between an Chinese couple, both martial art champions, ended in a very awkward ER trip.

The couple apparently got in an argument, and eventually the husband ended up in the hospital with chest pains. But it wasn't from stress. The doctors at Xi’an hospital were shocked to find a 3-centimeter (1.2-inch) gold medal in the man’s esophagus.

After the medal was successfully removed, the champion of Sanshou, a Chinese kickboxing martial art, explained what had actually happened. Apparently the gold medal belonged to his wife, who happens to be a Taekwondo champion.

The unidentified couple had an argument when the woman ruined her husband’s trophy by smashing it. This prompted the Sanshou champ to gulp down his wife’s gold medal to get even with her.

The husband added the fight didn't turn physical, but only because both of them are martial arts champs and had there been a fight, their house would be damaged.

If the doctors had failed to remove the object from his esophagus, the man would have suffered serious injury.

Note to the fiery couple: Try talking out your next argument, and leaving trophies and medals out of it.

Thumbnail Credits: Pixabay, Stevepb

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