Skateboarding Kid Exacts Sweet, Sweet Revenge On An Aggressive Driver

A video showing the windshield of a super-expensive car getting smashed by a kid’s skateboard has divided the internet.

YouTube user Paul Gonzo was filming the sunset outside Little Man Ice Cream in Denver when suddenly, he explains, he saw a McLaren running a stop sign.

The unruly driver made a kid fall off his skateboard, which went flying into the expensive car’s windshield, smashing it.

“The passenger of the McLaren yelled something at him and the next thing I heard was a SMASH! The windshield was completely shattered,” Gonzo wrote on his YouTube page.

Although in the video, the near-collision can’t be seen, it shows the smashed glass after the driver runs off to pursue the skateboarder who immediately fled the scene.

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The video, titled “$250,000 car gets windshield SMASHED by kid on a skateboard!!!”, soon made its way to Reddit, eliciting quite spectacular responses from users.

While some sympathized with the McLaren driver, others opined that he deserved it since he ran a stop sign.

“Good. So many sh***y drivers in this town who just blatantly ignore rules of the road. Doesn't matter if it was a Mazda or a McLaren,” commented i_am_moon.

“Ok giving props to the skate boarder. I don't care what car you drive you stop at signs. That area looks pretty damned busy so the driver should have a bit more caution with those around him. The sign isn't hidden behind branches or anything. Ive been in the borders position where i should have right of way but still nearly get hit by a car. Then see how the driver takes the turn and guns it tot he next sign irks the h*** out of me,” wrote Darth_Chain.

There were also some Denver residents who claimed to recognize the McLaren. Apparently, the driver has a habit of breaking road safety rules.

“Whoa! This is MY neighborhood! That's LoHi, Denver Colorado!” wrote Albert-o-saurus. “I've seen that car driving around. I always joke he's got a little d*** because he drives like a jerk. Funny, that it happened right outside Little Man Ice Cream.”

“I live in Denver and I've seen this guy driving like an a*****e,” stated attr_reader. “I can't say anyone deserves this but I've seen him pull off some stupid antics. This is happened in front of Little Man Ice Cream. It's very popular which is why there's a line of people when the camera pans the crowd.”

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