One-On-One Brawl Breaks Out Between Two Nurses In Operating Room

Soon after the patient had been wheeled out, two health care workers got into a brawl, hurling punches at one another.

A shocking video making rounds on the internet, particularly popular among Chinese netizens, shows two nurses in an operating room punching one another.

Apparently, a male nurse and his girlfriend were in the surgical room Lankao County hospital in Henan Province in China when the fight broke out.

It all started off when the man accused his girlfriend of failing to follow protocol in the operation. In response, the woman punched her boyfriend.

Within no time the situation escalated as the man retaliated and hit his girlfriend numerous times in response. She then collapsed to the floor after receiving the blows, but the violence continued until the pair’s colleagues intervened. The injured woman had to be taken away by staff members.

The footage of the incident has already been viewed more than 4 million times on Chinese social media. While medical staff claims the patient had already been wheeled out of the OR, some people are disputing it, stating the video provides evidence that the surgery was still underway when the fight took place. The hospital management stated it will treat the incident as the couple’s personal matter and not take any action against them.

A large number of internet users commenting on the video have criticized health care facilities in China. “When I was working in Shanghai we had the head of a major regional hospital visit us, light up a cigarette in the board room, and proceed to lecture us on preventative medicine. Health care in China is a total circus,” one person commented.

“I stay in China with my son and keep praying that my son and I'll keep being healthy so that I won't need to go to the Chinese hospital or to see the doctors or the nurses... They're too dirty, noisy, crowded, impolite and no privacy at all,” another wrote.

 Thumbnail/Banner Credit: Piotr Bodzek, MD / Wikimedia


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