Video Of A Man Swimming In Flood Waters In Melbourne Is Everything

This video of a man trying to swim in floodwater is everything you need to know about the Australian downpour.

The wild weather in Australia is apparently making people go wild. 

Facebook user Paul Nardella recently uploaded a hilarious video of a man lying in the floodwater, visibly attempting to swim as traffic goes by in Melbourne.

The clip, which soon went viral, showed the unknown man trying to swim freestyle in a shirt and shorts with no shoes on. However, the shallow waters made the whole thing a little hard.             

Although it’s not clear what prompted him to jump into the accumulated water, most online users assume the man just wanted to become an internet sensation — a goal he seems to have achieved thanks to Nardella, who couldn’t control his laughter seeing the strange scene.

But the unidentified wannabe swimmer was not the only one who was caught on camera acting a little off that day. Another man could be seen acting for the news cameras, which were there to film a driver who tried to drive his car at York Street Bridge full of flood water.  

That’s when passerby Paris Jordanou started acting with a fishing rod. “NO!” he screamed, followed by hysterical laughter.

“I’ll catch him,” he yelled, casting a line towards the drowning vehicle.

“When there's a torrential downpour, somebody usually drives in there,” Jordanou said in an interview. “We arrived just shortly after the first car went in and so I wasn’t expecting another one to go in, especially since coppers had blocked it off.” 

Jordanou, hailed as a fishing hero after the hilarious video went viral, jokingly said now that he is so famous, he would run for prime minister.

“I’ve had people ask me if I want to be Australian of the Year or Prime Minister.”

He concluded the interview thanking everyone for the support, promising in 2020 he’ll be “running for prime minister.”

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