Nearly 1 Million People Are Going To This Teen’s Birthday Party

Nearly 1.2 million people from across the world have RSVP’ed to Rubi Ibarra Garcia’s 15th birthday party in rural Mexico.

The internet is really excited about a teenage girl’s quinceañera.

The Ibarra Garcia family from a village in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, recorded a video invitation for their daughter Rubi Ibarra Garcia’s 15th birthday party, requesting friends and family to attend the event that is supposed to be a momentous occasion in a girl’s life, since that is when she comes of age.

Little did they know, their invite would go viral and attract over a million RSVPs.

The video showed Rubi’s father Crescencio Ibarra standing next to his daughter and his wife, Anaelda Garcia.

“Hello, how you doing? We invite you on Dec. 26 to our daughter’s Rubi Ibarra García quinceañera party,” he said in the clip posted to YouTube. “Hereby everyone is cordially invited.”

He also listed the local bands that will play and announced a horse race at the party, where the winner would be awarded 10,000 pesos (about $490).

Somehow, the footage caught social media’s attention and nearly 1.2 million people confirmed their attendance to the celebration.

The whole thing has internet in quite an uproar.






Police will also be reportedly deployed in the village to deal with the large number of visitors.

Meanwhile, the family has no idea how they became an online sensation.

“We wanted to invite the people from the area, that's all,” Ibarra told BBC, adding that the party is still open to all.

“Rubi is my daughter and she has always been our queen,” the father continued, before describing his favorite meme so far. “It's the one about Donald Trump and [Mexican President} Enrique Pena Nieto coming to an agreement to allow undocumented Mexican migrants in the U.S. to return to Mexico for Rubi's party.”






Well, looks like Rubi is going to have the biggest quinceañera of all time.

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