116-Year-Old Mexican Woman Goes Months Without Welfare Due To Her Age

Maria Felix was not able to receive her welfare money because she was "too old" to obtain a bank card needed for the payments, The Guardian reports.

Talk about ageism: Maria Felix, 116, was reportedly too old to acquire the bank card she needed to pick up her monthly welfare payment of 1,200 pesos ($63), The Guardian reports. She went three months without the income, which provides for poor, elderly folk in Mexico.

"They told me the limit was 110 years," Felix said to The Guardian.

The bank, Citibanamex (the parent company is Citigroup Inc.), emailed a statement, in which they said Felix's age surpassed the "calibration limits" of the system in place, and the company is attempting to get her a bank card ASAP.

Luckily, Felix was able to get by due to her candy sales. She runs a stand just outside of her house.

When Miguel Castro, development secretary for the state of Jalisco, found out about Felix's case, he presented her with both a check and an apology in person.

Felix, who turns 117 in July, is one of the oldest living people in the world. She has outlived six of her 10 kids, and she lived through the Mexican Revolution at the turn of the 20th century.

She's had it rough: Her dad was killed and her mom kidnapped when she was very young, and her two siblings vanished during the Revolution.

"I grew up like an animal on the street," she said.

Alas, times are better now, even despite the lack of welfare.

"Sooner or later, God provides," Felix said. "Here I am."

Here she is, indeed — no thanks to the payment she didn't receive for 90 days. 

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