Bribing, Flirting Drunk Driver Becomes An Internet Sensation

A woman in Mexico finds online fame after a disastrous video of her trying to bribe and flirt her way out of trouble with police.

Drunk Driver

Mexican college student Lorena Daniela Aguirre has become an internet sensation after a video of her sitting bewildered in her car, wearing a small cocktail dress trying to get out of a mess, went viral online.

Her way to get out of the sticky situation may not be the smartest one, but that’s probably the best she could come up with in her obvious inebriated state.


The 18-year-old reportedly crashed into several cars after dodging a pedestrian carrying a baby and then, too drunk to speak coherently, tried to bribe the cops with a 100 peso bill (almost $6).

When that didn’t work, she tried flirting her way out of it.

Nothing worked, however, and she was eventually forced into a patrol car.

The incident was filmed by a local news channel and uploaded to YouTube.

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