Police Officers Hang Trainee Cop From A Bicycle Hook In Mexico

Public backlash over the incident prompted Mexico City officials to suspend all the individuals involved in the incident.

A group of police officers in Mexico found themselves in quite a lot of trouble after a video of them bantering among themselves and teasing a trainee officer went viral on the internet.

The footage above shows the cops, who reportedly belong to Mexico’s Secretariat of Public Security, joking around in a Mexico City police station before suddenly deciding to hook their younger colleague up on a ceiling hook — the kind usually used for hanging bicycles.

The officer clearly tried to resist, but being outnumbered three to one, soon gave up. The cops left him dangling for a short while before helping him down. Fortunately, no one sustained any injuries.

While it all seemed to be in good fun (although bizarre and twisted), the images and the video soon caused an outrage online, prompting city authorities to suspend all the individuals involved in the incident, according to the Mexican news site UNO TV.

As the Daily Mail reports, the officers are facing sanctions for misbehaving during working hours. The fact that they were all wearing their uniforms in the video made the matter even worse.

As it appears, Mexican authorities also came across another clip that shows some the cops laughing while mimicking sexual acts. It is unclear how long the suspension would last.

The police in Mexico, just like most of the other countries around the world, have earned a nefarious reputation. In a recently released report, Amnesty International claimed that Mexico's law enforcement agencies routinely torture and mistreat women. They are also known for using sexual violence during arrest and interrogation.

The human rights advocacy group interviewed 100 women who reported violence during arrest. While seven in 10 women reported sexual violence during arrest or in the hours that followed, almost all of them described being subjected to some form of sexual harassment or psychological abuse.

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