Teen’s Recreation Of Embarrassing Kindergarten Photo Is A Masterpiece

A Michigan high school student wins admirers across the country after she masterfully recreated her kindergarten photo for her senior year ID badge.

Michigan high school student

Almost everybody has that one awkward and cringe-worthy yearbook photo they wish had never existed.

But not everyone is brave enough to embrace the embarrassment and turn it into something spectacularly brilliant.

Tyra Hunt from East Kentwood High School, Michigan, did just that.

Hunt, now a senior, decided to recreate her awkward kindergarten school photo when she had to take her school ID picture this year.

Wearing a similar neon green shirt, pigtails and the exact same anxious facial expression as in her old yearbook picture, Hunt nailed the look she was aiming for.

She even managed to add the little green marbles in her hair.



“We are allowed to do funny ID pictures because they put our senior pictures in the yearbook,” Hunt told Wood TV. “I didn’t know what to do because we are not allowed to use props, like hold anything, so I was like, what should I do? And I found a green sweatshirt and then we ironed on USA to it and we were like, ‘This is going to be perfect.'”

And it truly is.

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