Miss Philippines Earth Candidate’s Explanation Of El Nino Is Hilarious

After Miss Zamboanga City finished explaining the two weather-related phenomena, El Nino and La Nina, the judges as well as the audience erupted in fits of laughter.

The Miss Philippines Earth pageant is held annually in search of the most beautiful and environmentally conscious woman in the Southeast Asian country.

Unfortunately, while Miss Zamboanga City, Bellatrix Tan, fit the former category, she failed to impress the judges in the latter.

In a segment that showcases the contestants’ knowledge of environmental and social issues, each beauty queen was asked to explain an online trending topic they had to pick from a basket.

Tan got the hashtag #ElNinoLaNina, two infamous climate-related patterns.

While La Nina is the cooler opposite of El Nino, it has the tendency to prompt more hurricanes, which, of course, isn’t good for the planet.

Tan, apparently, got confused between the two and said people should start “planting trees” to fight El Nino.

“El Niño is what we are facing right now,” she started. “If we do simple things like planting trees then we will not experience drought, right? So if we start now, we will achieve La Nina.”

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The audience, as well as the jury, erupted in fits of laughter after Tan completed her explanation, with one judge saying "This will make me go crazy!”

Miss Zamboanga quickly became a trending topic on social media, with many criticizing her for entering the Miss Philippines Earth contest without having the basic knowledge about the two most common weather-related phenomena:




Others were slightly merciful:




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