Missing Dog 'Relay' Comes Home After 2 Years And 1,200 Miles

After being missing for almost two years and traveling more than 1,200 miles, the dog finally came home to its overjoyed family.

Tears of joy welled up as the family of Relay the dog prepared for a long-awaited reunion — more than 19 months after she vanished.

“I never thought I would see the dog again, to be honest,” said Richard Moneck, one of Relay’s owners.

Much to the family's delight and amazement, the 4-year-old German Shepherd mix was in good health as it, somehow, managed to travel over 1,200 miles to Queens, New York from where she was picked up and taken to a shelter called "Bobbi and the Strays." They scanned the microchip in Relay's ear and delivered her to her family.

Moneck received a telephone call from the microchip company just two days after Hurricane Irma, explaining someone in New York found his dog.

Relay received royal treatment upon her arrival. A welcome home banner was put up outside. Balloons were placed outside of a West Palm Beach home to welcome back the lost four-legged family member.

“All my troubles went away,” Moneck said as he tightly wrapped his arms around his dog. “She’s family. It’s like having another sibling.”

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