Missing Man Replies To Facebook Post About His 'Disappearance'

A man who was believed to be missing since Saturday solved his own case by responding to a police department’s Facebook post about his supposed vanishing.

A “missing” man had to correct a police department’s Facebook appeal on his behalf, informing them that he is not actually missing at all.

Nottinghamshire Police shared a missing persons post on Facebook Monday to seek help from the public in locating Shane-Andrew Thompson, who had been reported missing on Saturday, according to the Daily Mirror.

The post noted that officers were becoming concerned for Thompson’s safety after being gone for several days. They described all of his attributes, including the clothes he was last seen wearing.

Thompson, however, seems to be perfectly safe and sound based on a comment from his own account confirming that he is not missing.

“Im not even missin [sic] his the anser [sic] it is people phoning the police sayin ive gne [sic] missing ive [sic] already spoke[n] to the police about it so no i aint doin nothing [sic] its [sic] called people playin games sayin im missin [sic].”

Apparently, someone duped the police into believing Thompson was missing, raising unnecessary concerns about his whereabouts and wellbeing.

While on the surface it looks like Thompson solved his own case, the comment itself doesn’t serve as reliable evidence of his safety. Hackers could have gotten access to his account or, if he was abducted by someone, they could have forced Thompson to give them his password and wrote the comment in an effort to halt the search for him.

However, it appears that Thompson truly is safe, and the Nottinghamshire police updated their Facebook to let everyone know he had been "found." 

Whoever reported him missing in the first place has some explaining to do, filing a false police report is a serious crime. 

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