'Missing' Son Found Trying To Make Money For Mom's Christmas Present

The police discovered that the boy was trying to make money for gifts and joined together to try and make the family's Christmas extra special.

Oklahoma City mom Sophia Reed was filled with dread upon realizing she had not seen her son, Diauris, for quite some time. Frantically, Reed called the police in hopes they could help locate her child. 

What started out as a day of fear and worry, however, quickly turned into an endearing moment when the police discovered Reed's son had been trying to make some extra money in order to buy her a Christmas present. 

Reed, a single mother, explained that the last of her Christmas money had been used in a move her family had made to a new apartment in the city. Her children were not expecting any gifts and had plans to simply have Christmas dinner and spend time with one another.

"We [were] expecting a nice dinner for Christmas and just be together and just show love to each other," Reed explained in an interview.

However, Reed's children had other ideas. They devised a secret plan to surprise their mom with a gift and began to brainstorm ways to make enough money to do so. 

"I just wanted to do something for my mama," Diauris, 13, said. 

Eventually, the police found Diauris, who explained his secret mission to them. He had been sneaking out of the house to collect cans that he could exchange for money to get his mom's gift. 

The boy's effort reportedly touched one officer's heart so much that he thought of a plan of his own to help make the Reed family's Christmas extra special. 

Local officers joined together to bring the Reeds' housewarming and Christmas gifts. Additionally, they raised more than $800 for the family so they would have some extra spending money.

The mother said she was shocked at the amount of officers who showed up at her door with clothes and toys for her children and is truly moved by their generosity. 

Thanks to the generous officers, what began as a mother's worst nightmare ended as a family's dream come true. 

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