Man Goes To Watch MMA Fight As A Fan, Leaves As Champion

The fighter stepped in the octagon for the very first time in his life, after one of the players left the stage empty for any volunteer competitor, and won.

This amateur MMA fighter’s story is so unreal and so unusual it will make you believe in determination and will power.

Luis Felipe Alvim, a mixed martial arts fan, really wanted to attend the Juiz de Fora Fight welterweight championship in Brazil, but he was short on cash.

However, he didn’t lose hope. He cooked some brownies with his girlfriend Fabiana and sold them outside the Gran Victory Hotel in Juiz de Fora, but they weren’t lucky as most of the fans had already entered the place.

Alvim and his girlfriend were eager to watch the fight so they decided to spend their savings and buy a pair of tickets to the game.

The couple was really excited to finally watch the fight, until one of the players was disqualified from the game.

Carlos Eduardo Rufino and Claudinei Kall were supposed to play for the 170-pound belt title, but things fell apart when it was discovered that Rufino was overweight by a single pound.

Though opponent Kall was upset, he initially accepted the challenge of fighting an overweight man, but later changed his mind and decided to step back.

The stage was now open to any competitor who wanted to fight Rufino.

This is when Alvim, like a hero, decided to take a chance, even though he reportedly hadn’t ever stepped inside the octagon before. But because the 22-year-old was a black belt in muay thai under UFC lightweight Felipe Silva and blue belt in jiu-jitsu, the organizers accepted him.

Someone else had initially decided to replace Kall but changed his mind, leaving the spot empty for Alvim. "I told Felipe Silva I’d fight, that I’d put on a show, but a new fight was already booked,” Alvim told MMA Fighting. “Forty minutes before the main event, this guy chickened out and they offered me the fight again.”

The fan-turned-fighter was now going to compete with Rufino, a 5-1 welterweight who only lost once in his career in July, when he competed for the Jungle Fight 170-pound belt.

He stepped inside the cage in front of 1,500 fans. Obviously, an experienced Rufino throttled him. However, with a series of back and forth rounds, Alvim finally took his opponent down with a triangle choke, forcing him to tap.

“He took me down and landed some heavy shots, and I though ‘oh sh*t, what the f*ck am I doing here?’" Alvim said. “When I locked the triangle I thought to myself, ‘sh*t, I’ll catch him.’ I asked God ‘please, don’t let this round end,’ and he tapped."

He posted about this fabulous win on Instagram.


Ainda sobre ontem galera , não esperava ter esse repercussão toda ! Esperava MT menos tanta gente ficar feliz por mim. Sim, eu fui apenas ver o evento , paguei ingresso normalmente , cheguei la e vi a luta mais importante da noite com desfalque , me ofereci e deu certo. Fiquei sabendo 40 minutos antes , fiz minha estreia no MMA com um atleta duríssimo que vendeu caro a vitória , sem me preparar , treinando apenas muitoooo jiu jitsu , mas eu acreditei o tempo todo que eu iria vencer e fui lá e fiz. Nunca imaginei que seria dessa forma, nem no meu melhor sonho , lutei bem e sai com essa vitória. É uma lembrança que vou carregar por toda minha vida , se eu fosse lá e tivesse perdido , teriam vários me chamando de louco , falando que eu me queimei atoa. Mas fomos lá e contrariando todas as expectativas vencemos!! Queria agradecer primeira a Deus, depois minha noiva , aos meus mestres Felipe Silva e Fabiano Silva que acreditaram em mim e me botaram mesmo sem treinar corretamente pra uma luta desse porte , ao meu mestre de jiu jitsu Ricardo Marques que é um cara abençoado por Deus e eu sou muito grato à ele. Agradecer a todo mundo que sorriu por mim , que me abraçou , pessoas que eu nem imaginavam chegaram na minha e me abraçaram , foi uma experiência surreal , no qual eu hj me acho um retardado de ter feito isso kkkkk mas faria tudo denovo , CHEGUEI NO MAIOR EVENTO DA REGIÃO E ENTREI PELA JANELA , HOJE ACORDEI COMO CAMPEAO ! mas enfim nada mudou , tamo junto galera

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"I believed all the time that I would win and went there and did. I never imagined that it would be that way, nor in my best dream. I fought well and left with that victory,” read his post in Portuguese.

At end of the match, Alvim went ahead and popped the question to his girlfriend, all bloody and sweaty but with a beautiful smile on his face.

Alvim is truly an inspiration. From cooking brownies, spending savings, winning the title and finally proposing to his girlfriend, his journey is undoubtedly an inspiring one.

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