Mom Has Hilarious Reaction To Son Who Said He's Not Voting

A video showing a mother scolding her son for saying he won't be voting and warning him of being punished for not voting for Hillary Clinton went viral on Twitter.

A Twitter user named Kenny told his mother that he wouldn’t be voting for either of the major party candidates, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.

Kenny decided to film what began as a polite conversation with his mother.

In the clip, it becomes very clear that Kenny is basically trolling his mom when he says that instead, he’d be voting for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, which is where mom loses her cool.

“Do not vote for that stupid man who doesn’t even know that there’s Aleppo and there’s a war going on there,” she says emphatically. “You’re going to be as dumb as that man.”

Kenny’s mom earnestly tells him that she wants him to take a picture of his ballot so that she knows that he’s voting for Clinton, otherwise, there would be consequences.

“If you don’t vote for Hillary Clinton, there’s going to be a little problem in this house,” she says. “I’ll seize your phone, I’ll seize your car.”

Kenny then adds fuel to an already raging fire and suggests not voting at all, which is met with even more fury.

"You are so stupid,” she yells. “You have to carry out the civic duties of being an American. Don't act like you're a moron."

While this could possibly be construed as voter intimidation, it’s doubtful that the authorities will be involved in this case.

It wasn’t long before Kenny’s mom’s impassioned speech went viral over the internet.

Later, though, Kenny was quick to explain that he’s voting for Clinton and just wanted to show the world how strongly his mom feels.

Many Twitter users lauded her for her patriotism while some, likely Trump supporters, called her out for intimidating her son.

But it’s hard to argue with her. Voting is a sacred act and one not to be taken lightly. Millions of people around the world are still fighting for the right to choose their own destiny.

Decisions are made by those who show up and when we don’t, we lose our right to complain.

Here’s to hoping there are more moms out there like Kenny’s.

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