Don't Count Him Out! Dancing Grandpa In The Streets Of Italy

Age is just a number and this grandpa proves it. They say you've got to dance like nobody's watching — advice an elderly Italian man certainly takes to heart.

A video filmed in the center of northern city Bologna, Italy, and shared on Facebook by journalist Alberto Forni on Sunday is taking the internet by storm.

The clip shows an unknown man who has really nailed all of his dance moves in the town center.

Forni doesn't know the identity of the elderly man, and told The Local, "I was just walking around and saw him."

Throughout the whole video, the man has a huge grin on his face as he's showing off his best moves.

But one commentator said that judging from the man's hand movements, he had likely been a drummer in a band at one point. "You never lose the rhythm," he added. Plenty of others described the video as "fantastic" and "joyful".

The video has also received the stamp of approval from Bologna's city hall, which shared the video and noted that Bologna is a UNESCO City of Music, thanks to its many musical institutions and festivals.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Pixabay/stevepb

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