Distraught Mother Drops To Her Knees As Cruise Ship Leaves With Kids

As the Norwegian Breakaway set off from Nassau, Bahamas, to its home port in New York, a passenger spotted a woman, dropping down on her knees, crying bitterly.

A distraught woman was caught on camera sobbing on a dock as a cruise ship pulled away with her children on board.

Fellow passenger Scott Thomas filmed the moment when the unnamed woman miserably waved her hands in the air.

“That is someone that has missed the boat,” Thomas can be heard saying in the background. “Apparently she has her kids on the boat and she’s not on there. There’s a guy there too. That right there is not cool.”

The 4,000-passenger Norwegian Breakaway was embarking on a three-day journey from Nassau, Bahamas, back to its home port in New York.

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Watching the woman helplessly crying on the dock, some other passengers suggested the ship should return to the port to pick up the woman.

It was unclear if her children were alone or with another adult when the ship departed.

“Some cruise lines do allow children to stay on board without their parents in the kids clubs if the parents want to go ashore without them,” Molly McIntyre, a cruise consultant with Cruise.co.uk, told the Daily Mail. “Personally as a mother of four, I do use the kids club but would never leave them on board alone.”

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