Mother Elephant Salutes Rescuers Who Saved Its Child

Rescuers in India saved a baby elephant that fell in a hole — what happened next will put a smile on your face.

Good Samaritans in Kerala, India helped rescue a baby elephant and its family expressed gratitude with an adorable gesture.

A calf reportedly fell into a well at an abandoned property

A team of forest officials luckily visited the property early in the morning and gathered equipment to free the baby elephant from its ordeal.

They used an excavator to dig out the well and create a pathway, giving the elephant a route to run back to its herd and reunite with them.

After approximately five hours, the rescuers were able to get it out of the ditch, as its family was standing on the other end waiting for the calf.

Once they united, the mother made sure she expressed gratitude towards the rescue workers, as she saluted them twice with her trunk.

Thumbnail : Reuters, Thomas Mukoya  

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