Mother Gives Brilliant Excuse For Why Her Daughter Was Late To School

A Reddit user posted a photo of a school’s sign-in sheet with the most hilarious excuse for a student’s tardiness that has quickly gone viral.

One can find some of the most hilarious antics on Reddit, such as a mother’s shameless excuse for why she dropped her child off late to school.

The mother — whose name appears to be “Sharee”  didn’t even bother trying to offer an acceptable excuse for her daughter’s tardiness. Instead, she chose blunt honesty and wrote “bad parenting” as the cause.

My friend was running late to drop off her daughter at school. from funny

Reddit user Colieoh posted a photo of the witty remark written on the tardy sign-in sheet and explained in her caption, “My friend was running late to drop her daughter at school.”

It’s currently unknown where the incident took place, what school the child attends, or the real story behind their tardiness, but the photo has gotten a lot of attention as commenters have shared their own experiences being late and praised the mother’s facetious humor.  

The Reddit post has garnered more than 100 comments and counting.

The mother in question is likely not at all a bad parent, but most of us can relate to being flustered while running late, and then being delayed even further with the burden of having to provide a written or verbal explanation for ourselves.

Furthermore, the tiny area on the form that asks for a reason didn’t leave much space for her to go into detail and perhaps their situation was more complicated than the typical, “car troubles,” “felt sick,” or “overslept.” 

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