Mother Violently Beat Her Daughter On Facebook Live To 'Embarrass Her'

A Georgia mother live video streamed herself physically abusing her daughter on Facebook for posting a seductive picture on social media.

This mother took humiliating her child to a whole new level.

Shanavia Miller dominated her daughter, Nia Green's Facebook account and posted a live video of herself beating up her 16-year-old for posting a racy photo to embarrass her, The Washington Post reported

Miller is shown in the video striking her daughter with a piece of wood, after learning Green posted a picture of herself wearing a towel with her boyfriend. 

"This is my page now," Miller said. "Now I'm gonna need ya'll to send this viral. Please share this because I am not done." 

Warning: Graphic Content

The short video was filmed by another person in the hostile home, who followed Miller throughout the house to fully capture the abuse.

The mother then continues to beat up her daughter, this time slapping her and pushing her with her bare hands.

Surprisingly, Green defended her mother's actions in a Facebook post saying, "First Off I Shouldn't Embarrassed My Moma, I Love Her. Yes this is me. Niaaa. I Shouldn't even been doing what i did. No i didnt have vari in my house when she said not to. I was at his house. Im only 16 yrs old. I was gonna open up and tell her that I was having sex. I was just gonna wait a couple days to see how i was gone tell her. I understand why she did what she did. Everybody laughing and making reenactments. Sharing my pictures im seeing everything. I did go to the hospital only because i have (anxiety) attacks & real bad head ache. I embarrassed my moma so she embarrassed me. Im not defending the live video cas when school start next week all eyes on me. Im at work all eyes on me. I kno next time to just keep my business to myself."

Miller also posted on her daughter's Facebook saying, "I love my daughter wil all my heart what ever happens after this o well my daughter is not going to disrespect me or herself for nobody that s—Bernie Mac!!! Ain't nothing change she still my baby girl 💯💪 lesson learned now have a blessed day." 

The mother has not been reportedly arrested, but the incident has been turned over to the Department of Family and Children Services. 

The 16-year-old shared on social media that she went to the hospital following the incident due to a headache and anxiety attacks. 

Posting a physical altercation online is not only an embarrassment for her poor daughter, but it also depicts that Miller is an unstable and abusive mother. 

Banner Image Credit: James Brosnan, Youtube screenshot

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