Mother Who Gave Birth In Her Honda Asks The Company For A New Car

Beth Newell, a writer, editor and director, had no option but to give birth to her daughter in the back seat of her car.

Beth Newell got stuck in traffic on her way to the hospital and her baby girl was in no mood to wait. The mother-to-be had no option but to deliver the baby in her Honda.

What’s interesting is what she did after the birth:


Her tweet got retweeted around 10,000 times. 

Many hoped Newell would get a new car while others thought it was bit of too much to ask for.







Just a few days ago, a mother gave birth on an airplane traveling from Singapore to Yangon, Myanmar, and made the best of the incident by naming her baby after the airline: Saw Jet Star.

Thanks to a resourceful team of doctors and flight crew, the baby was delivered safely after the plane landed in Yangon.

And then there was the lady who named her baby Uber after giving birth in a cab.

So far, there's no word from Honda on what would be a very, very extravagant new baby gift.  

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