Bernie Sandwich: The Hottest New Food Trend This Election Season

Probably overwhelmed by Bernie Sanders’ big victory in the NH primary, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes flubbed the candidate’s name on live TV and gave birth to a new meme.

Tuesday night was a big night for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Not only did he manage to sweep the New Hampshire primaries and come out on top of party frontrunner Hillary Clinton, but also became the election season’s latest food trend.

The credit for this hilarious new meme definitely goes to MSNBC’s host Chris Hayes, who was apparently so overwhelmed by the events of the night that he actually flubbed the candidate’s name on live TV and called him “Bernie Sandwich.”

It seemed an honest mistake as Hayes later explained what happened:

Whatever his explanation might be, just moments after the seemingly inadvertent slip-up, “Bernie Sandwich” began trending on the social media, leaving people to wonder if it would contain “white fish and red onion or pastrami and mustard.”







Of course, some also preferred a Trump sandwich, but Bernie’s was more of a hit.

Funnily enough, this on-air flub came moments after Fox News host Megyn Kelly mistakenly referred to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders as “Bernie Sandals.”

“Fox News has projected that Donald Trump has won the New Hampshire primary on the Republican side,” Kelly said during the NH primary coverage. “On the Democratic side, Bernie Sandals.”

Watch the Fox News flub in the video below:

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