Video Shows Elderly Museumgoer Destroy Rare, Priceless Wall Clock

The cringe-worthy CCTV footage captures the exact moment the precious wooden clock came off the wall and broke into pieces.

The “do not touch” rule in museums isn’t just meant for kids — adults are supposed to follow it just the same.

But apparently not all adults remember the "only looking, no touching" message.

The National Watch and Clock Museum in Columbia, Pennsylvania, recently released surveillance footage of an elderly couple that would make most people shake their heads in disappointment.

The video, posted above, shows a couple admiring the clocks in one of the rooms of the largest and most comprehensive horology museums in North America. The couple, who appear fascinated by their surroundings, then snap photograph of sculptural wooden piece by artist James Borden.

Unfortunately, things took a turn for worst when the man suddenly reached out with his hand and began pulling on the pendulum to make the clock rock from side to side. His wife briefly joined him too, but then stepped back to watch her husband’s handiwork.

The museumgoer, whose name wasn't revealed, continued with his shenanigans until the clock suddenly came off the wall. Though he tried to catch it just in time, the antique sculpture broke into pieces.

“The visitor wanted to see it run and decided to take it on himself to do that and the results speak for themselves,” said museum director Noel Poirier. “It's in pieces.”

The museum, currently working with the artist to get the clock repaired, decided to post the video online so that people everywhere would realize why they aren’t allowed to touch things in exhibitions and galleries.

“Folks that work in museum typically tell you that it's the adults you have to worry about more than the kids,” Poirier added. “It seems that the adults feel a little more entitlement to touch things.”

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters

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