Muslim Woman Films Man Harassing Her: 'Do You Have A Green Card?'

"Do you have a green card, by the way?" the racist man asks before walking away from the Muslim woman filming. The incident took place in an Atlanta coffee shop.

A Muslim woman in Atlanta was called a "b**ch" after asking a stranger in a coffee shop why he was taking a picture of her, and now the footage of the encounter has gone viral. It occurred just after Trump signed an executive order banning immigrants and travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries.

The woman's name is Asma Elhuni, and she's a graduate student at Georgia State University. She also wears a hijab, the Huffington Post reports

In a clip posted by Elhuni to Facebook on Jan. 28, the man invades her personal space and asks an offensive and racist question, all because Elhuni confronted him for allegedly snapping a picture of her. 

The caption of the video reads,

"Fight back with your cameras y'all. This is Rob from Detroit. He came in and thought it's ok to take his camera out and take a pic of me. I asked are you taking s pic of me? He said yes. I said why, he said I want to. So I took out my phone and started recoding [sic] him. spread widely.
Racists feel emboldened now

"Hi Rob. You like taking pictures of Muslim women?" Elhuni asks the man. "You like taking a picture of me, in particular?"

Rob laughs condescendingly before taking a seat in front of her. He calls her "uptight" and "off-kilter" before telling her she's "acting like a b**ch."

"Because I asked you why you're taking a picture of me, I'm a b**ch?" Elhuni asks, perfectly calm.

"Do you have a green card, by the way?" Rob asks before walking away. 


Since the incident occurred, Elhuni posted to her Facebook addressing Rob's apparent wish to remedy the situation. 

More power to her. 

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