Caught On Camera: Angry Penguins Fight Over A Cheating Wife

A National Geographic video of a love quarrel between penguins has caused quite a stir on social media.

The internet is a strange place sometimes, like when it collectively goes nuts over a video of a bloody penguin love triangle.

After one penguin came home to find his "wife" in bed with another penguin, all hell broke loose. The two penguins fought, and unfortunately, things didn’t go too well for the husband penguin.



The two fight it out in a vicious battle, swinging their tiny wings and using their beaks like daggers. Covered in blood, the pair eventually stops and looks at the wife penguin to declare a winner. In a shocking twist, she chooses to leave her husband for the new guy.

The wife chose the home-wrecker and waddled off. As the fairly genius narrator said, “She’s got no time for losers.”

Twitter instantly lost it and people began tweeting,








To be honest, it’s really no wonder that it’s going so viral with almost 100,000 retweets. It’s got it all. Violence, betrayal, romance and heartbreak.

Keep your chin up, husband penguin. There are other fish in the sea. 

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: REUTERS/Pauline Askin

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