Reporter Is A Literal Anchor For Old Woman Battling Hurricane Winds

An NBC reporter became part of the story when left his job to help a woman desperately battling the strong winds.

Byron Miranda, an NBC Chicago anchor, interrupted his news report to assist an older woman who was clearly unable to handle near-hurricane winds in Chicago on Friday.

Winds at nearly 72 mph were tearing apart the city when Miranda noticed an elderly woman trying to hold onto the sides of a wall, desperately trying to stay upright. He soon ran up to her, grabbed onto her arm and offered to help her walk to where she was going.

The two only took a few steps when the woman, who was having a hard time with the winds, exclaimed: “I don't think I can do it. I think I need a cab. Oh my god!”

The kind Miranda then called on to a passerby to help, as another young man held the woman from the other arm, leading her toward a nearby cab.

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The two men battled the strong winds that can be heard in the video, as they guided the old woman into the taxi while other people from nearby also came to help. As two people held onto the taxi door, Miranda and another man helped the woman inside. The anchor was soon back to work as he patted the cab driver on the back, thanked him and rejoined his team.

Apparently, the winds were so strong that windows from skyscrapers and entire roofs of houses blew away in other parts of the city. It was indeed a miracle that Miranda came to the rescue of the elder woman and safely got her into a taxi, sending her home.

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