Nearly 50 Strangers Band Together To Rescue Child Trapped Under SUV

A viral photo depicts dozens of strangers coming together in the middle of a Florida highway to rescue a child who was trapped beneath an overturned vehicle.

Seeing strangers band together to save a life is probably one of the strongest testaments to the power of humanity that one can witness.

Over the weekend, dozens gathered to rescue a nine-year-old girl who was trapped underneath an overturned SUV near Tampa, Florida.

Drivers passing the accident stopped and got out of their cars on the I-75 highway to help turn the truck over and save its three occupants.

At one point, all three passengers reportedly loss consciousness but luckily, none of them sustained life-threatening injuries. The girl, along with her mother and another minor, were urgently taken to a nearby hospital.

Apparently, one of the SUV’s right tires ruptured which led to the driver — presumably the mother — losing control. The car flipped into a grassy median and collided with a guardrail, according to CNN.

A passerby named Veronica Casteleiro posted a photo on Facebook of the crowd working together to hold the car upright and rescue the girl.

"All these people ran from their vehicles ... and helped to flip the truck back over and get a little girl out," Casteleiro wrote on Facebook. "Just when I think humanity has lost its way, I see the kindness of others. I didn't see anyone worried about race or politics, the only concern where [sic] the lives in that car."

Casteleiro’s moving status has been shared nearly 700 times since it was first posted Saturday.

Approximately 50 people lent their helping hands in the crisis, according to Dayna Gibson, who stopped to help upon witnessing the accident while driving with her dad.

"We achieved what would have been impossible by coming together," Gibson said. "There were people from all walks of life there, it didn't matter."

As of Sunday, the mother and other minor had been released from the hospital and the nine-year-old was in fair condition, CNN reports.

The incident could have ended tragically had it not been for the good Samaritans who stepped in.

These people acted selflessly, putting the girl’s life ahead of any reservations they may have had about getting involved.

They weren’t worried about the race, religion, or political affiliation of the people they were helping and they weren’t worried about being late to their own destinations.

In that moment, they all had one common goal that took priority over everything else, which resulted in a child’s life being saved.   

Banner Photo Credit: Facebook, Veronica Casteleiro

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