Neighbors Fulfill Woman’s Dying Wish To Celebrate Christmas

Forget Halloween, a North Carolina community jumped straight into Christmas to fulfill their dying neighbor’s wish to celebrate the holiday one last time.

A Concord, North Carolina neighborhood is skipping Halloween and Thanksgiving for an early Christmas.

Michelle Fadel, 56, is battling terminal cancer that has spread to her brain, bones, and lungs, according to The Huffington Post. Her community and relatives wanted to fulfill what could be one of her last wishes.

“There’s a good chance, unless the Lord changes his mind, that I won’t make it through Christmas and I love Christmas,” Fadel told ABC News.

“I love that everyone is cheery, everyone’s together, everything’s lit up, everything’s pretty and you rarely see grumpy people during Christmas,” she added.

Fadel initially told just her family that she wanted to celebrate one last Christmas, so they started planning and decorating. Once their neighbors caught word, they jumped on board as well.

“It may look a little strange this close to Halloween but we hope it makes her happy and we hope she knows we’re thinking about her,” neighbor Tim Hawkins told local reporters.

Nearly a dozen homes in Fadel’s neighborhood were transformed with holiday cheer. According to The Huffington Post, one neighbor who usually doesn’t decorate for Christmas even put a wreath on his mailbox.

“I’m overwhelmed,” Fadel told reporters. “I’m just overwhelmed by their generosity to do this, their expression of love to us since we’ve been here such a short time.”

“I hope that my family remembers that they are not alone,” she added. “I may not be here, but they’re not alone and there’s a lot of love if they’ll let it in.”

While Fadel’s family and friends surely hope she makes it through the real Christmas and beyond, their diligence in making sure she can enjoy the holiday while she’s still well enough is truly moving.

The community’s involvement in the celebration affirms Fadel’s assertion that there is plenty of love in this world despite the difficult times we all face. 

Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @ABC7Chicago

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