Amid Ban, Neighbors Place Heartening Signs For Refugees

"The opportunity for [my daughter] and her friends to do something tangible in the face of something confusing ... is really empowering," one mom said to CNN.

Amid all the anger and distress following President Donald Trump's seven-country immigrant ban, the Atlanta suburb of Decatur is doing its part to heal the nation from the inside out. 

Within Decatur, The International Community School serves to educate refugee children alongside non-refugee children, CNN reports. Over the weekend, neighbors and strangers alike placed dozens of signs around the school to make the refugee kids feel safe.

The movement started with one neighbor placing a sign on the property, and then posting about it to Facebook. Soon after, others followed suit. 

Danny Vincent is a mother of one of the students who lives in the neighborhood and hosted a sign-making party. Five families attended, and the kids ranged in age from 2 to 12.

"I think a lot of the stuff that we've tried to talk about, even at an 8-year-old level, feels very abstract," Vincent said to CNN. "I can say pretty confidently when [my daughter] gets nervous that she is safe and she's going to be OK, but that there are a lot of kids that aren't. So the opportunity for her and her friends to do something tangible in the face of something confusing and out of their control, when even the adults in their lives are nervous, is really empowering."

The many uplifting messages written on the signs include "We are one," "Don't be afraid," "You are welcome here," "We are all immigrants," and "You are loved." 

While our government may have taken 10 steps backward, the everyday American people have taken one giant step forward. 

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