Miffed Tornado Survivor Snaps At Reporter For Calling Her ‘Almost 80’

A woman in New Orleans was being interviewed by a reporter about the weather conditions she battled, but the exchange took an interesting turn.

It's hard to tell what bothered this woman more — the tornado that ripped through her city or a reference to her age on the news. 

Constance Landry, a tornado survivor in New Orleans, was being interviewed by Kellie Brown of WDSU about the difficult weather conditions she had to encounter.

However, a small exaggeration on the reporter’s part totally threw the elderly woman off, and made her lose focus from the question.

"She's lived her entire life, almost 80 years, and she's been through just about everything,” Brown said.

But she was soon interrupted by Landry, who decided she had to clear up the reporter’s misconceptions.

"I ain't no 80 years old," Landry slammed back.  

The reporter apologized and tried to move on with the conversation. But yet again she failed, when she claimed Landry was 76 years old.

Landry really wanted to set the record straight and cut Brown off to correct her.

"No, 75," Landry said.  

Brown then asked the woman is she would be coming back to “New Orleans and New Orleans east,” to which Landry replied, “Is an elephant heavy? I’m coming back, baby.”

People on Twitter admired Landry for her brilliant attitude.






Unfortunately, not everyone in New Orleans was as fortunate as Landry.

Around 31 people were injured by the six tornadoes that tore through New Orleans and other parts of Louisiana. This is the fourth time in the year that the state has been hit by natural disasters.

"The width of the devastation was unlike any that I have seen before. When you see it from the air you're even more impressed that so few people were injured and that nobody's life was lost,” said Gov. John Bel Edwards in a news conference. 

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