The Famous New Orleans Santa Doesn’t Seem To Age

A New Orleans Santa has been taking pictures with children for decades and an interesting Twitter thread has brought hundreds of his fans together.

Everyone loves taking pictures with Santa Claus as a kid. One of the most joyful Twitter threads was started this holiday season when a Twitter user @504Reminisce tweeted a picture with a Santa Claus saying “there’s a 9/10 chance that if you’re from NOLA, you have a picture with him”

Following the tweet, Twitter users recalled their memories by sharing adorable photos with the Santa from when they were kids.


Following this tweet, other users were quick to agree, and started the best twitter thread of the holiday season. Thousands of users responded to this tweet by sharing their childhood memories tweeting pictures with the same Santa Claus from school visits and trips to the mall. A group of New Orleans natives posted pictures on the same Santa’s lap.

Here are some precious pictures shared with the Santa:



Fred Parker has been playing the role of Santa for a whopping 46 years, according to The New Orleans Advocate.

The adorable Santa Claus is better known to his community as Seventh Ward Santa, New Orleans Black Santa or Chocolate Santa.



Chocolate Santa has been around for so long that countless people who once posed with him as kids are now old enough to bring their own children and even their grandchildren.


Parker was known for spreading Christmas cheer, even before he was officially Santa. He was once a school bus driver who would treat a busload of kids to a meal at McDonald’s on the last day of school before Christmas break, according to

 The heart -warming Twitter thread was followed by another recurring theme: The Famous New Orleans Santa doesn’t seem to age.


According to the caption, the picture above is from the 1980s; the child in the photo is now 30 years old.

This one is from 1998:


The photo in the original tweet is from 2013:


Did we just find a real Santa Claus?

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