New Selfie Trend Makes People Carelessly Throw Their Phones In The Air

Images of people standing in front of a mirror, taking hands-free selfies became the photo-du-jour over the weekend after a college student’s tweet went viral.

Blurry, yet impressive selfies are popping up all over social media, thanks to a little creativity from Twitter user Seth Schneider, a college student living in North Carolina.

What sparked the new selfie Twitter craze? On Saturday, Schneider took a picture of himself in the mirror while clapping, or “high-fiving” himself, as he says, TIME reported.

The North Carolina State University student tweeted, “Today is the proudest day of my life. I successfully took a picture of me high-fiving myself.” His tweet has been reposted more than 170,000 times and liked by nearly half a million Twitter accounts.

Schneider’s tweet ignited a full-on battle among social media users to see who could create the best hands-free selfie.

After tossing their cellphone in front of them, the photo is then captured while the phone is mid-air.

Schneider wrote a funny disclaimer in his Twitter bio, saying “I am not responsible for any broken phones.”

True enough, participating in the online spectacle just might cause a few broken phone screens. Some hesitant, but willing selfie partakers went as far as putting pillows on top of their bathroom counters so that their phone would be guaranteed a soft landing.

Schneider has been retweeting some of his favorite pictures of people imitating his new technique, mostly resulting in a bunch of incredibly out-of-focus photos.

This selfie style is reportedly more difficult than it seems, according to CNET reporter Amanda Kooser, who just couldn’t get a decent enough picture despite many attempts. She wrote, “The illusive high-five selfie will always be my unicorn, a mythical creature I will never know in real life. Don’t cry for me. I’ve made my peace with this.”

But, for now, many Twitter users keep trying their hand at this particular selfie, posting their distorted photos of themselves until a new trend catches on.  

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