New Yorker Cover Portrays Trump As The Immature Man-Child He Is

The New Yorker gave Twitter a sneak peek of the cover illustration for its Jan. 23 issue, which features President-elect Donald Trump as a man-child.

The New Yorker introduced a new cover that perfectly sums up President-elect Donald Trump’s absurd immaturity.

Just in the last week, Trump has thrown a Twitter tantrum against actress Meryl Streep after she criticized him in her Golden Globe acceptance speech.

He also childishly bashed CNN and BuzzFeed News, respectively, after they each published stories on the unverified Russia dossier that reveals unflattering information about him.

While this behavior is nothing new, it certainly stomps out any hope Americans had that Trump would start behaving more presidential after stealing winning the election.

The New Yorker’s cover offers a glimpse into what’s in store for the next four years as it depicts Trump riding in a coin operated children’s ride in between two secret servicemen.

The magazine shared a sneak peek of the cover on Twitter. The image, illustrated by Barry Blitt, is aptly titled, “At the Wheel.”

“Every so often, you hear stories on the news about a toddler who somehow manages to start the family car and drive the vehicle across town, where the law finally apprehends him—and it’s almost always a him—before too much damage has taken place,” Blitt said of his inspiration for the cover. “As to why this would come to mind on the week of our new President’s Inauguration . . . I have no idea!”

Like us, many Twitter users found The New Yorker’s portrayal of Trump to be spot-on.

While the very real danger that looms over America with Trump as its president is no laughing matter, humor makes it a much easier pill to swallow.

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Flickr, Gage Skidmore

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