Here’s How You Deal With Xenophobes Who Say ‘Go Back To Your Country’

Jerome Forbes kept smiling throughout the video as he heard out the woman’s views on foreigners, and why they should go back to their own country.

In a day and age where hate crimes have become a common practice, a young man from New Zealand is an inspiration for people wanting to make the world a better place.

Jerome Forbes, 19, being a friendly sort of guy, tried to strike up a conversation with a woman at a Brisbane bus stop, but received a rather unpleasant reply.

A video of the exchange between the teenager and woman was uploaded by Forbes’ father, Jason Forbes, on YouTube and even posted on Reddit.

"We've been overrun by foreigners," the woman said. Forbes, who seemed a little confused about what she was referring to, asked “What do you mean?” upon which she replied “Well, what do you think you are?” Forbes smiled and said, “I was born here, what are you talking about?” but the woman didn’t seem too convinced.

However, Forbes was interested in knowing why his place of birth mattered so much anyway. The woman went on to ask where his father was from and then “advised” him to pack up and go back to New Zealand.

“So like every foreigner should just go back to their own country?”

Forbes explained how foreigners produce a lot of money for Australia but the adamant women said that they don’t fit into the “Australian way of life,” which is “certainly not people your age skating up and down the footpath.”

Jason Forbes, who spoke to Mashable Australia, recounted how he was taken back that his son was hit with such xenophobia simply by talking to someone.

"All we've had is nothing but warm and welcoming people. You're always going to get the odd nutter," Jason Forbes said. "She may have had mental issues. Who knows what situation the lady might have been in."

"I think there's a positive message in there. We don't need to pour vitriol on the fire and get angry back. You know, the way my son dealt with it was quite noble," he added.

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