Watch New Zealand Police Bust Some Moves In New Recruitment Drive

The recruitment video begins with an officer stamping and clapping out a beat before the others join in and fall into sync with the rhythm.

The video of New Zealand police officers doing the running man dance to the tune of "My Boo" by the Ghost Town DJs turned into a global trend earlier this year, sparking dance-offs between cops across the world.

Now, following up on their viral dance, the New Zealand Police Department released a new clip showing a couple of uniformed officers busting out their moves in an elevator. The innovative jam session was apparently a part of the department’s new recruitment drive.

After all, what could make a workplace more fun than random dance breaks and people belting out tunes?

The footage shows two officers entering a lift before one begins stamping and clapping out a beat. The other soon joins in by drumming on the metal wall. As the elevator collects more people, the newcomers fall in sync with the rhythm by tapping their pen or locking and unlocking a handcuff in time.

The video, clearly meant to soften up the police’s image, was shot in a hospital.

“One of our core values is obviously valuing diversity. It’s just really to show people that underneath the uniform we’re human and just as diverse as anyone else,” said NZ Police senior social media adviser, Simon Flanagan.

As the Guardian reports, they aim to recruit 400 new officers of Maori, Pacific Island, Middle Eastern and Indian descent by the end of the year.

However, some social media users were not too impressed by the clip.

“Too much time on your hands? Do some proper work and help people who need it instead of making stupid videos?” wrote one online user on the NZ Police Recruitment Facebook page.

Another commented: “Pathetic attempt at making us think you are something that you blatantly are not. Why not try for once to be that nice to the strangers you meet and give a hard time to.”

Well, you can’t please everybody.

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