Not Your Average Grandma! South Korean Grandma Is A YouTube Sensation

One of South Korea's hottest YouTube stars is, surprisingly, a 70-year old grandmother.

Meet one of South Korea’s hottest YouTube stars: 70-year-old grandmother Park Makrye, who’s all about showing off her wrinkles and her elderly life totally un-cut; no holds-barred.

Park was encouraged by her granddaughter to start making the videos as a way to ward off dementia, which is a dominant disease in their family. Since Park has been making these videos, she has been completely winning over the social media universe. 

Whoever said you have to be young to have fun was clearly wrong! Everyone should take a page out of Park’s life because she appears to be having the time of her life!

Six months ago, Park along with her 27-year-old granddaughter Kim Yura, created a vlog that documented the duo’s trip to Australia, and boy is it the cutest thing ever!

Kim took her grandmother on vacation in appreciation all the hard work that her grandmother has done in running a restaurant and raising children over the past 40 years.

The video shows grandma Park describing her first time sprinting to a swimming pool like a little kid, and diving into the ocean for the very time. Amongst South Koreans, the video was a big hit, with thousands of views and likes for a  granny they found to be upbeat and funny.  Check out their trip to Australia below.

Fast forward to today, she has 387,000 followers combined on Instagram and YouTube. People love watching her give makeup tutorials, and meeting up with old friends, and doing things like try pasta for the time, in her YouTube videos rightfully called “Grandma’s Diary”.

She’s no beauty maven by any mean’s, however, people really enjoy watching her tips and tutorials, and that’s really all that matters.  "She's real. She's not fake," said Lee Injae, a 31-year-old living in Seoul in a statement.  "It's refreshing to see the world through the eyes of a grandmother."  

This is one of Park’s most popular videos to date, which boasts nearly 2 million views, where she shares her go-to makeup looks for the everyday. She divulges some pretty good tips in her video too.  Grandparents always seem to give great sound advice.  They always  have some great words of wisdom to share.

There’s something so warm and personable about Park, and it’s very easy to see from watching her videos how others find her delightful and humorous.  She’s liked by everyone in South Korea so much that companies such as Lotte, and Samsung electronics have asked her to team up with them in commercials. Park has also been featured in a few local magazines as well. 

We used to think, ‘Since I’m over 70, my life is over,'” Park said in an interview with The Associated Press,  as she sat in the living room where she makes all her YouTube videos. She also added, but as I started doing this, I realized life starts at 71 years old." In Korea and other Asian countries, it's a custom to add an extra year to the actual age you are. 

My grandmother is just like us. She likes to travel, eat tasty food and take pretty photos," says Kim her granddaughter who does all the filming and editing for the videos, she said in the same interview."I'm her fan too. She is such a cool person."

Snd that she is!  A very fun loving lady that is showing the world that life doesn’t stop once you hit a certain age. It seems to get better as you get older, according to Park.  Get this: In spite of her new life as a celebrity, Makrye still gets up before dawn to go run her restaurant. What a true inspiration for women all over.

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