Creepy Or Cute? 6-Year-Old Dubbed 'Most Beautiful Girl In The World'

Russian child model Anastasia Knyazeva has hundreds of thousands of followers. But some are critical of naming her the "most beautiful girl in the world."

The social media account of a 6-year-old Russian child model is drawing criticism from some people who say the comments on the young girl’s pictures are inappropriate.

Anastasia Knyazeva has more than half a million followers on her Instagram account, which features photos her mother takes of her. Netizens frequently praise the images of the girl, and a recent article from the Daily Mail labeled her “the most beautiful girl in the world.”

Knyazeva’s mother, Anna, responded to the article with modest appreciation.

“Thank you. Very unexpected, but certainly nice,” she said.


@belovamarish ??????? ?? . . #anastasiyaknyazeva #???????????????? #??????????? #????????????? #????????????? #??????? #art

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However, some of the comments that have been made on her account have been indisputably creepy.

“What a beauty,” reads one comment, which also includes kissing and heart-filled eyes emojis. Another comment on her pictures says, “she could be the next Victoria's Secret top model!”

Criticism on the web, directed toward Knyazeva’s mother for sharing the images so publicly, as well as the Daily Mail article for giving her the label, were also apparent.

“Proclaiming little girls ‘the most beautiful girl in the world’ is extremely disturbing. Let them be kids for crying out loud,” said one commenter.

Others asked why Knyazeva’s mother wouldn’t let her “be a kid.”


И все же решили отращивать челку ...

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Parents across the world frequently share images of their children on social media. There is nothing inherently wrong with that, and Knyazeva’s mother shouldn’t be chastised for doing the same.

Yet parents also have a responsibility to make sure their children are not being exploited on the net. With a following of over 600,000 Instagram users, it’s not entirely clear that Anna Knyazeva is thinking about her child’s welfare, or if she's sharing the photos for other reasons.


Очередной шедевр от любимой ὏8 @natalaina

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The child is a model, which compounds the issue further. She will undoubtedly be photographed by her agency, and her images will be distributed around the globe.

It’s unclear, though, what good is gained by articles that purport her to be the “most beautiful” child in the world or even in a small region. Those types of monikers place immense pressure upon her, and other children, to meet standards that no child should ever have to attempt to live up to.

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