Nicole Kidman’s Response To A Rude Chef On Ellen Is Everything

Celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis continuously criticized the actress for not knowing how to cook, then she learned a lesson: Don't cross Nicole Kidman.

Giada De Laurentiis may be a great chef with an ability to charm the public with her exquisite cooking skills, but she clearly tried too hard on the recent Ellen DeGenres show starring Nicole Kidman.

As evident from the video, De Laurentiis mocked Kidman for her inability to craft perfect meatballs when she was making artichoke arancini and focaccia with clementines and fennel for the cooking segment. 

“Nicole, have you made meatballs or anything?” asked the chef in a sarcastic tone.

But Kidman wasn’t having any of De Laurentiis' annoying and inappropriate jokes, so she decided to snap back. As DeGenres laughed along, like the playful soul that she is, throughout the steps of making the recipe, Kidman reminded the chef that this was a family friendly show.

De Laurentiis continued to ridicule Kidman after she completed the first step of the recipe effortlessly.

“Ah, the woman who can’t cook made the perfect ball,” said the chef commented beforestarting to prepare her second dish along with Kidman, who was perfectly picking up all the cooking skills.

But the oh-so-perfect chef, under-cooked the focaccia and the crowd wasn’t pleased — neither was DeGeneres or Kidman.

DeGeneres took the first bite and was trying really trying to chew on the dough that obviously wasn’t baked properly.

“That sure is good,” she said.

Kidman, however, did not hold back.

“It’s a little tough,” she said while the Italian chef laughed helplessly. She tried covering up her massive failure too.

“Nicole, it has been sitting there for like five hours! I hate doing these things for that reason!” she insisted.

“I know you’re not meant to criticize but it’s a little tough,” Kidman insisted.

It was so hard that Kidman had to actually spit out the bread.

“Do not let my kids see that I did that,” she said.

How does it feel to get a little taste of your own medicine, De Laurentiis?

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