New Jersey MMA Fighter Beating A Defenseless Kid Shocks The Internet

The West Deptford Police Department is looking into the incident after locals “bombarded” their phone lines, calling for the arrest of the attacker.

A viral video showing a man brutally beating up a defenseless juvenile has attracted the attention of the West Deptford Police Department in New Jersey.

The sickening cell phone footage shows a burly man slapping and punching a teenager in the face, head and abdomen several times. As the victim curls up on a couch, trying to shield himself from the powerful blows, the attacker can be heard saying: “Do you think I'm playing with you, bro?"

As of yet, there is no information available about  the people in the recording — just some murky details.

For example, the man has been identified as a mixed martial arts fighter named Tony Cojocaru. But according to a West Deptford fitness and MMA trainer, the man in the video is most likely not “any kind of professional fighter.”

"What I saw on that video is typical of cowards. It's not typical of fighters. Typically that type of personality says away from a room like this,” Robert Murdrak told FOX 29.

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After watching the sickening video on Facebook, uploaded by user named Kevin D. Wise, a lot of people “bombarded” local police with phone calls, calling for Cojocaru’s arrest.

Later, the West Deptford Police Department posted the following statement on its official Facebook page as a response to the overwhelming complaints:


The West Deptford Police Department has continued to receive numerous messages and calls regarding the video that has...

Posted by West Deptford Police Department on  Wednesday, March 23, 2016


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