No One Quite Understands This GOP Black History Month Tweet

A tone-deaf tweet posted by The House Republicans to recognize Black History Month has the Twittersphere very confused.

The House Republicans posted a tweet recognizing Black History Month, except they didn’t really recognize it at all.

“#BlackHistoryMonth is a time to celebrate the men and women who helped America grow and become a better version of itself.”

While the statement is basically accurate, it’s possibly the most uninspiring, lackluster acknowledgment of the month that means so much for so many Americans.

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It wouldn’t have hurt to spice it up a bit, especially during a time when race relations throughout the country are on rocky terms.

It was almost like they were playing it too safe so as not to offend anyone and ended up appearing removed and disconnected from Black History Month altogether.

It had the same undertone as a backhanded compliment. The kind of recognition that makes you question the sincerity behind it.

Another disappointing realization is that it was actually an edited version of an incoherent tweet that was previously deleted which read, “#BlackHistoryMonth is a time to celebrate the men and women grow and be a better version of itself.”

The typo afforded them an opportunity to start fresh and come up with something much better but alas, they did not take advantage.

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Twitter users wasted no time informing the House GOP of their bland, tone-deaf message that failed to truly acknowledge black Americans or their contributions to the country — because, let’s face it, helping America “grow and become a better version of itself” could be said of just about anyone. 

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