Now More Than Ever, Women Are Standing Up Against Hollywood's Sexism

"Fast and the Furious" actress Michelle Rodriguez is threatening to leave the lucrative franchise if it doesn't improve its representation of women.

"Fast and the Furious" star Michelle Rodriguez is joining the other women in Hollywood standing up against the industry's rampant sexism.

In an Instagram post, Rodriguez said she will leave the action franchise if it doesn't improve its representation of women.

"F8 is digitally out today," her caption read. "I hope they decide to show some love to the women of the franchise on the next one. Or I might just have to say goodbye to a loved franchise."

According to an Entertainment Weekly interview, Rodriguez insisted that the franchise brings on more women, including more female camaraderie, and not just be dependent on the men or play the villains. She also attributed the lack of inter-female dialogue to the sad truth of men being the dominant writers in Hollywood.

In that same interview, co-star Jordan Brewster said that Rodriguez had fought for having her role, Letty Ortiz, be more than just Vin Diesel's character's girlfriend, and actually a strong presence.

"At the end of the day, the only leverage I have as an individual is my participation," Rodriguez said. "That's the only leverage I ever use with anything. It's like, look, this doesn't agree with my ethics, morals."

Well, the ball's in your court, men of "Fast and the Furious."


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