NY Firefighters Reacted Perfectly To Anti-Muslim Preacher’s Rant

New York City firefighters no longer wanted to hear the street preacher shouting Islamophobic comments on the street so they shut her down in their own way.

A video uploaded to YouTube last month has just picked up steam as it depicts the FDNY’s perfect response to a street preacher’s anti-Muslim rhetoric.

The recent viral video shows an Islamophobic street preacher wearing an “Israel” t-shirt standing outside of a fire station near Ground Zero while reading Bible verses and urging passersby to repent for their sins.

The woman, who referred to herself as a “firefighter for Jesus,” apparently believes that most of New York City is headed for “hellfire” and she has been tasked with saving them through the word of God.

What may seem like a harmless holier-than-thou lecture quickly turned into hate speech when she declared, “The other religion [Islam] is trying to kill you."

“There’s not any Christians stealing planes and ramming them into buildings,” the woman declared.

After several minutes, the firefighters on duty at the nearby station evidently had enough of her rant and decided to turn on their blaring alarm system.

While the woman continued sharing her views despite the earsplitting sound, the firefighting heroes successfully drowned her out.

The prevalence of Islamophobia in today’s society is beyond alarming and has incited people to commit some of the most unimaginable hateful acts, including vandalizing mosques and physically assaulting Muslimsthey encounter. 

This woman’s preaching promoted the hatred that is already running rampant in the United States and abroad.

The FDNY’s reaction was not an act of censorship, but rather a subtle way to inform her that her hate speech was unwelcome.

Now all we need are these firemen to show up to a Donald Trump rally and sound the alarms to drown out the nonsense he regularly spews.  

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters

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