Watch NYPD Put Its Own Unique Spin On ‘Running Man’ Dance Challenge

New York City’s finest responded to New Zealand police’s challenge with their own version of the dance trend that is sweeping the internet.

A crazy internet dance-off trend is spreading among police forces all across the world — and the New York Police Department has become the latest to join the fun.

Shortly after their counterparts in New Zealand issued a friendly challenge to recreate the “Running Man” dance  a mid-'80s fad original popularized by Janet Jackson's music video “Rhythm Nation” — the NYPD accepted the dare and posted its own dance number.

Filmed at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, the 44-second-clip shows eight uniformed cops join forces with the students from Brownsville’s IS 323 and bust moves to the 1996 hit “My Boo” by the Ghost Town DJs.

“#?RunningManChallenge accepted, NZ Police Recruitment!” the department posted on Facebook Page alongside the video. “For the NYPD version we brought some backup from PS 23 in Brooklyn.”

The video ends with one officer dramatically dropping the mic  or his police radio, to be precise  on the ground.

“We wanted them to know that this was coming from Brooklyn,” said NYPD Deputy Chief Jeffrey Maddrey. “That's why we did it in front of something iconic like the Brooklyn Bridge.”

The video has received mix reviews on social media. While some saw it as “NYPD having a good time with the inner city youth,” others questioned why the cops were dancing while out on patrol. Some also commented that NYPD should take better care of its equipment, referring to the radio drop.

“Dropping a radio is not a violation,” Maddrey explained, clarifying that the officers filmed the video with the permission of their superiors. “We drop our equipment all the time.”

Moreover, the principal of IS 323 was also on set the entire time, according to the police.

“The NYPD selected students who wrote essays about the importance of building strong community relationships to take part in the video,” said Principal Linda Harris. “The students were excited to be a part of it and our school is looking forward to expanding our relationship with the NYPD.”

NYPD has challenged the New York City Fire Department, the Boston Police Department and Scotland’s police department to make similar videos.

Watch the entertaining dance number, which was funny but not as great as the one by the New Zealand police, in the video above.

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