Obama-Biden ‘BROTUS’ Provides Much-Need Comic Relief After Election

President Obama and VP Joe Biden have been very open about their mutual respect. And the internet is celebrating their friendship through much-needed memes.

The Joe-Obama memes have made a comeback in time for much-needed relief after the horror that was the 2016 election result.

President Obama and his vice president, Joe Biden, have been very open about their mutual friendship and respect throughout their time together, so much so the internet has dubbed their bromance as BROTUS.

In their memes, Biden is usually portrayed as a prankster whose job is to prod the much more responsible president into playing practical jokes. Although, the memes have been going on for years, after the elections, many of them include the power couple making fun of none other than President-elect Donald Trump.












And last but not the least, Biden informs VP-elect Mike Pence of his new responsibilities.


America is certainly going to miss these two.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: REUTERS, Yuri Gripas

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